One of my favorite topics, ever since a dear friend’s in-law referred to me as a “white do-gooder.”  In the pale flesh, at your service. 

Check out my latest post at TPM Cafe on 21st century modes of philanthropy, the feature article in the Time’s Sunday Magazine this week.  (I was motivated by the shorter celebration of “for-profit philanthropy” in the Time’s 6th Annual Year in Ideas.)

Happily, this post has generated some discussion at TPM.  I feared I was nagging people to death about poverty, so it’s a pleasure to see that folks haven’t tuned me out entirely.  Of course, this only confirms what the M.A.S. has long known, that people find some of our preferred topics of conversation “depressing.”  (Even as others remain staunchly in our camp.)

I get it; I exhaust myself.  I finished up the semester this wednesday, and discovered a new show – Bones – in my 4 hours in front of the tv that night.  (Fabulous drama loosely based on forensic anthropologist Kathy Reich’s work and life.  The show opened with a nerdy anthropologist defending his PhD thesis.  Somehow it is campy and entertaining celluloid fluff.)  Spent most of today on my mom’s couch watching Season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy; overdosing on tv and movies is my favorite post-semester ritual.  As I get ready for bed with a few episodes of Sex and the City, I silently curse the M.A.S. for souring me somewhat on this show (he finds it trite and, I believe, insulting to women).  If that’s the case, he’s got a lot to overcome in me; this show, along with my friendships such as the ones it depicts, got me through the pre-M.A.S. years. Lucky bastard.

(Meanwhile, this show is WAY underrated.)


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