While Wesley owns the film review portion of my little slice ‘o blogosphere, I must carve out my own post to recommend Akeelah and the Bee.  This is the cutest, most uplifting little film I’ve seen in awhile. It’s overt – a heartwarming, family-oriented film about an eleven-year old smarty pants from South Los Angeles who competes to get to the National Spelling Bee and in the process, emancipates a father from the pain of losing his child and his wife, resurrects her mother’s love and unites a community in pride.  A heavy lift for a little girl and a film, but it’s totally worthwhile, especially for those of you who love crescending musical medleys to accompany the hopeful, inspiring moments in your movies, and fear that W.E.B. DuBois and Frederick Douglass are not invoked nearly enough in popular culture.  This film is rad, and especially entertaining if you were ever heckled on the playground for being a “bomar,” geek or nerd.  Spelling is cool.

I’m also amused by the fact that this movie is a production of Starbucks Entertainment, as it brings up an on-going thread of M.A.S. conversation as we engage in our own not-quite-war, but culture-skirmish.  I’m re-introducing my man into mainstream, celluloid society from some sort of murky hippie wilderness, while he teaches me how to eat with utensils and actually pause in my inhalations long enough to taste my food.  We’re classy, and fascinated by the notion of the lifestyle brand, that convinces us it makes sense to package coffee and movies or pop music and perfume.  (Look for the release of Redstar in better department stores near you this holiday season.)



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