No one likes to talk about public housing

Last night as I was doing my usual evening surfing around the blogosphere, I got very nonplussed by how few comments I get on this site compared to others.  Mainly, it seems as if Wesley is surfing around blogs that link to mine, chitchatting with the other authors.  I’m feeling left out! And whiny! 

Also, my post on TPM Cafe about organizing and the unions in New Orleans has failed to stimulate conversation like my last one of electoral demographics.  Seems both Redstar and TPM readers aren’t too jazzed about conversations on organizing, public housing, and stickin’ it to the ‘man.  Of course, since audiences who care about these topics think I am the man, I’m not really sure where I belong.  I’m an armchair activist without a living room!

So, I’m taking a hard look at my usage stats, trying to understand my readership.  Seems beyond my core fans (i.e., my friends), I appeal to a pretty disparate range of people all over the globe.  Less than 5% of my readership comes from the following places:

Canada, Mexico, Slovak Republic, UK, Argentina, Seychelles, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, South Korea, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Dominican Republic, Norway, Colombia, Brazil, Switzerland, France, Ireland, Japan, and Thailand.

More entertaining is the search strings that lead people here.  Beyond direct requests, the bulk of folks find me via google.  Here are a few of my favorite searches that end at the Redstar Perspective:

  • where can you drink from a boot in minneapolis
  • which grey’s anatomy character would you sleep with
  • wing’s express nutritional information
  • how does gender roles in grey’s anatomy relate to sociology
  • haitian roots of deval patrick
  • drink panty pissa

I had hoped that this blog would be less the annual Christmas letter update and more an interactive blog that stimulates people’s thoughts on topics as diverse as politics, urbanism, relationships, etc.  But apparently this is not how the extremely fragmented blogosphere works.  This is another reason why I’m thinking of breaking this site up into two, so that those of you who’d like to hear more about romance and hangovers don’t have to by-pass the growing emphasis on topics like equity, class and feminism.  And vice versa. 

This bums me out.  Like many, for me the personal is political, and it’s tiresome and passe to keep such conversations separate.  It’s a man’s world, or an ADHD world, or a celebutainment world, I suppose.  Surfing around, there’s too few blogs that mix the personal and the political.  Especially for women – seems we’re either supposed to talk about our loved ones or radical gender politics.  Why shouldn’t the two meet?

Or maybe I’m just not marketing this puppy effectively enough.


I know, you have none.

(Anyone know comparative hit rates for bloggers who heckle their readership?)



2 Responses to “No one likes to talk about public housing”

  1. November 21, 2006 at 4:58 pm

    haha! I know – people come to my blog to read the oddest things (my favorite was “what was that Louis Vuitton handbag Vanessa Williams carried on Ugly Betty” – PS I don’t have the answer on my blog). I haven’t had a chance to go to TPM yet… and I agree, but what can you do? I do a lot of self-referring (links that lead to other links within my blog), on the theory that if people read more than one post, they’ll get interested in hanging around. People may find that annoying – I don’t know. I think you just gradualy develop a following… that’s my theory anyway.

    So my vote is don’t split up the blog – cause I’ll just have to go to both places. I want policy discussions and romance, you drunk panty pissa. 🙂

  2. 2 Jake
    November 22, 2006 at 3:59 pm

    Hey, I’m just impressed that you come out first on the google search “drink panty pissa “…

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