There Goes the Neighborhood (I)…

Suspected drug lab shut down in Brighton apartment

By O’Ryan Johnson, Boston Herald
Friday, November 17, 2006 – Updated: 06:02 AM EST

Police and federal agents raided a Brighton home yesterday and arrested a man when they uncovered a suspected basement drug lab operating in a neighborhood that residents say is known for families and gardening.
    The apartment house on Surrey Street was blocked off by police tape while agents from the federal Drug Enforcement Administration dismantled the lab, police said.


    During the 2 p.m. raid, Boston police said a detective uncovered the lab when he noticed an odd smell coming from the basement. DEA spokesman Anthony Pettigrew said it was too soon to say what sort of drugs were being manufactured.


    “We have experts who will determine what illicit substance was being made and the quantity,� Pettigrew said.


    By 8 p.m., a team of five or six agents dressed in hazardous material suits stood in the back yard of the home, gingerly passing out the suspected lab’s equipment and placing it on large plastic sheets.


    The items on the sheets appeared to be a collection of plastic bottles varying in size, shape and color. Two houses down, residents stood on their back porch watching.


    “I guess you never know who your neighbors are,� said Rebecca Gero, 27, who has lived in the neighborhood for 18 months.


    Gero said the street is family-oriented with a few college students mixed in. “It’s all families and old people gardening,� she said.


    After the raid, police arrested Michael A. Siciliano, 33, of Brighton. He was charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine, and possession with intent to distribute hallucinogenic drugs.

Clearly this guy saw a market opportunity in this ‘hood sandwiched b/w BU and BC!




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