I’m sitting over at the business school right now, surrounded by MBAs talking Bain cocktail receptions, coveted jobs at Goldman Sachs, and making jokes like, “when in doubt, segment the market.”  I have the same feeling I sometimes have in a room full of Jews as a Deis grad.  I may not look like I speak the language…

As an urban planning student, I’ve developed some of the requisite smugness that goes along with fightin’ the Man (until I walk across campus to my department and become the Man).  So for a few moments I felt secretly dismissive of the surrounding conversations.  Then I got upstairs to meet with one of my professor’s assistants about reimbursement for a trip.  Contrary to the process in my current work over at DUSP, where I file all my own receipts, engage in a monthly fight with the accountant responsible for reimbursing me, and fly into a rage at the thought of the interest piling up on my credit cards for outstanding expenses, here I handed the assistant an envelope full of receipts, which she will sort and fill out and file the accompanying paperwork.  My next step in this process is to open the envelope that holds my reimbursement check.

I’m not feeling quite so smug anymore…these students – and I was fleetingly one of them – might be on to something….Although here they have to pay for their beer blasts…Suckers!


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