That NYC Boy

It’s time, even though he’s mentioned frequently throughout The Redstar Perspective. 

I need to give Wesley his own post, a standing O, a shoutout and just an all-round cheer for being a) such a strong supporter and commentator (scroll about a third of the way down) and challenger as I wander around the blogosphere, b) an amazingly astute political writer and humorist, and c) an enduring, original, wonderful friend.

I love that he references this blog and those of my buds Kate and Amy as regularly as he does all those politicos he tracks. 

I love how much he’s writing now that he’s given himself the space and time for it.

I love his thoughtfulness and passion about the issues he cares about: politics, feminism and women, and fashion (to name a few of my overlapping interests).

I paused from reading his post on Rumsfeld to post these thoughts; but please click through to read his dead-on analysis of Bush: for instance, “reactive…as if the President doesn’t move except when seriously poked with a stick.” 

So thank you, Wesley, for helping me make my way in politics, life, career, etc. etc. etc.  I can imagine how hard it is for you to relate to the ASR study on social isolation when your peeps adore you fiercely!

So people, Read this Blog!


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