After a Two Month “Reprieve”…

I’m off to New Orleans on Monday for four days.  Ironically, I’m missing the teaching module on Katrina and NOLA in the class I TA.  I just spent the last 2 hours throwing readings at the students in the hope they can get a sense of all that’s gone and is going on down there.  I will be in touch next week, surely, from the familar confines of Willow Street.  Have been setting up planning/recovery play dates with different folks, and am really excited to get back to the ground.  It’s all about NOLA this month – I’m off tonight to see Rebirth Brass Band play in Allston, of all places, and this trip next week is one of two scheduled for November. 

I leave you on this Friday evening with the second piece in the series on razing Lafitte.  Public housing as community (yes, it’s true), and a great historical capsule on the esteemed (though segregated, officially or otherwise) beginnings of public housing in NOLA (and the U.S.).  But lest I make you too depressed as you roll into your weekend, here’s a blast from the past on the lighter side of public housing (of course – only in New York!)  And why is it always the media only pays attention to the problem residents?  What about the quiet, keep-to-themselves tenants?

That’s all for tonight; it’s 7pm, hopefully none of you are at work at this point.  Go home, make love to your wives! 

Good night!


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