How do you like me now?!

From Planetizen’s new guide to urban planning programs:

“Topping the list of the best graduate urban planning programs is the School of Architecture and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The school’s graduate planning program, which is one of the oldest and largest in the country, draws students from around the globe to study issues from transportation to housing development.”

And further exaltation from the department chair:

“…the first national study in many years has (again) confirmed that MIT is home to the top graduate program in Urban Planning. In addition, out of 94 North American departments assessed, DUSP was ranked #1 for International Development, #1 for Housing, Social, and Community Development, #1 for Economic Development, #1 for Technology, #2 for Real Estate, and #3 for Environmental Planning, for Land Use Planning, and for Urban Design.  In other words, not only the Department as a whole, but every program group within it, has been ranked in the top three nationally.”

Of course, given competition is a dirty word among DUSP’ers, I’m not sure what we’re supposed to make of this superlative information.  At a minimum, looks like we get to keep our noses in the air for one more day.   Oh I know, we’re all down with the people and in the streets, fomenting participation.

Ugh, must I be such a self-hating Beaver?  As the M.A.S. described to me this weekend, telling people you go to MIT seems to inspire a confusing, simultaneous combination of “awe” and “revulsion.”   It’s unlikely me pumping my fist in the air and crowing “MIT Rocks” will now endear those primed to dismiss me with a curt “you must be wicked smaht.”  The smaht-est, thank you very much.  (Though I have no idea how any of this happens.  I chalk it up to these guys.)


1 Response to “How do you like me now?!”

  1. November 2, 2006 at 9:26 am

    After living in Boston for about a year and a half, I’ve come to conclude that MIT is the real thing – people who are really that “wicked smaht” and not necessarily that arrogant about it (though, also, not that shy about it, either). As opposed to, say, Harvard. 🙂

    And when I tell people about my wicked smaht friend going to MIT, they are pretty impressed. 🙂

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