This post is mostly a balm for Monday morning lethargy and resistance to being back in the office.  I was relatively quiet in the blogosphere last week, due to grading midterms up through Friday at 2pm.  Given my hazy understanding of my readership, I’ll refrain from gossiping too much about the experience.  What’s the appropriate length of time before I can declassify such thoughts? 

And I was gloriously off-line all weekend in NYC.  Another wonderful trip for the M.A.S., though we’re exhausted (and aging more rapidly than ever) after 3 nights of solid drinking.  We’re an impressive duo…is one way to look at it.  In vain resistance to the aging process, I strutted around this afternoon in one of those mini denim skirts much more appropriate for 21 than 31 year olds.  I’ve got the legs for it, but certainly not the comfort level to cruise around MIT campus in such a tiny number.  That’s ok, was nice to be a little arm candy for the afternoon!

Saw some of my Deis girls and their adorable daughters – we had a laugh at realizing the natural progression from being a tattle-tale (which I once was) to blogging.  And attended a baby shower Sat night where the one newborn in attendance was passed around among several moms-to-be who tried to pretend they weren’t practicing for what was to come.  Don’t worry ladies, you’re naturals! 

And now it’s dark at 5pm and my eyes are barely open at what’s really 12:45 am.  It’s going to be a long week of detoxing and needing sleep…Monday morning comes too soon!


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