My Fabulous Equestrian Life

Does not exist.

Per my usual monday morning, I’m sitting in the back of the classroom, studiously blogging and emailing alongside the other TAs.  However, this monday morning differs from all the others, as my jeans are tucked into my long brown suede boots. 

Jeans in Boots

I think I look good, and I’m certainly trying to be fashionable, but how much is stylish satisfaction muted by feeling just silly for going along with some of these trends?  Why have I spent almost $200 on these boots?  Why are my jeans tucked into them?  Do I ride a horse to school?  Bale hay between classes?  Slop around in a barn before catching the bus to campus?  No, no, and no, and when boots really matter up here, for sloshing around in snow and slush, I would hate to drag these suede puppies through that icy, grayish muck.  So, this is truly an attempt at a fashion statement, and nothing more.

And though I care a lot about looking good, and am willing to spend on clothes, I have an on-going conflict b/w trying to stay stylish with choosing clothes that endure across seasons.  Not in a stuffy Talbot’s or Ann Taylor kind of way, but in via “staples,” e.g., a white button down shirt, good jeans, and some black pieces that can be mixed and matched with a couple new sweaters or shoes each year.  My general policy is that each purchase should last through 2 1/2 seaons, with that third season being the one where I retire the item.  Unlike many women, I HATE purchasing shoes and bags, because they change so often that I think they should be MUCH cheaper than they are, being so much more expensive than a lot of other pieces with which we costume ourselves.  Plus loitering in the shoe department is akin to waiting in line at the post office or airport.  Crowded, tense and irritating. 

Anyway, it’s taken me a year to be willing to go public with this jeans in boots thing, and I can’t help but feel simultaneously glamorous and totally goofy.  Not typically two words you imagine linked together regarding your public appearance.  I’ve mused about this in other capacities before – how to be noticed without being conspicuous?  It ain’t easy being a sensation, whether in riding boots or mini skirts!

(This blog was originally going to be a comment in Wesley’s fashion posts.  Check out his knowledge – he shouldn’t be just my guiding light!)


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