I know, I still owe pics and commentary on the anniversary.  As you can tell from recent posts, I was decompressing at home in New England, despite the shenanigans of Ernesto following me up the Coast.  I also have the second two hours of the Spike Lee documentary, When the Levees Broke, to watch.  Then there’s the upcoming 5 year anniversary of 9/11 to experience and process, which I’ve been doing for some time, ever since I watched United 93 and World Trade Center within days of one another.  So, despite having carried on about New Orleans for the last few weeks, there is still so much to say, and deeper thoughts about disasters and cities and survivors and urban politics and development and activism to come. 

I hope. 

I also started school today (I am WAY TOO OLD to be using this phrase!) and the wolves are at the door.  Ambitious MCPs (Master’s students) emailing us last thursday – yes, that’s BEFORE the LONG, HOLIDAY weekend – to get a jump start on the reading for our class tomorrow. I said to another PhD student this morning, shouldn’t they be out exploring the city they’ve just moved to, enjoying the last days of summer?  Or, at a minimum, she offered, they should be out at The Coop or Bed, Bath & Beyond with the rest of the 135,000 students who descend on this city this time each year, buying stuff for their new apartments.  (I kid you not; that’s the actual #.  My ‘hood, along with Fenway/Kenmore and Cambridge, gets the bulk of the kiddies. My buddy David thinks I should have more of a complex living among fit 20 yr old women either running by my apartment or parading down the street in heels with a 30 pack.  I guess I’m more secure – or resigned – than that.  Especially since now I have the M.A.S. to carry my 30 packs for me!)

I miss New Orleans already, and I miss sharing it with the world as much as I was starting to do in the last couple weeks.  I will be touch and go in the coming week or so, while I figure out how much I can pile on the backs of the other two T.A.s in my class to free myself up for what is turning out to be the very addictive habit of blogging. 

Sigh – back to school – where everyday is Wednesday. 


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