More Deis Fame

In addition to Debra Messing (Grace on Will & Grace), Christie Hefner (daughter of Hugh and CEO of Playboy Enterprises), Marta Kaufman & David Crane (creators of Friends), Tyne Daly (Lacey of Cagney & Lacey), Angela Davis (Black Panther), Abbie Hoffman (activist, founder of Yippies), Tom Friedman (NY Times columnist), Mitch Albom (journalist and author of treacle Tuesdays With Morrie), Katherine Anne Power (anti-war activist and former fugitive), Ha Jin (author of fabulous books, incl. The Crazed), Letty Cottin Pogrebin (co-founder of Ms. Magazine, with Gloria Steinem), Jack Abramoff (disgraced Republican crook), and yours truly, among others, I present to you:

Brandeis University Class of 1997’s Samrat Chakrabarti, in Shut Up & Sing


And he’s from Watertown (MA)!

Go Samrat!

Go Judges!Â

Go Mass!


Thanks to Gail, his former Spur of the Moment a capella mate and my old roommate, for sending along the link.  Who knew a capella in dank, health-code-violation Chumley’s would take folks so far?




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