August 29, 2006

My Daily Horoscope


“An important career concern could require considerable effort on your part today in order to enable you to advance whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish, dear Virgo. At some point during the day, you may be plagued by doubts as to your ability to do this. However, don’t let this cause you to panic. All you need is to muster a little energy and stay focused on the task at hand. Believe it: Today you’re capable of accomplishing wonders.”


Today is the first anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, and I am off shortly to attend some memorial events.  Due to the announcement re: MIT and Lafitte, I am “enjoying” some new notoriety about my work in New Orleans so far.  Somehow in my commuting, outsider way, I’ve become the whipping girl for MIT’s work on the ground.  My colleagues, including the one who’s been living on the ground for the last 7 months, are totally amused.

I had a long talk last night with a planner from UNO about the tension and emotion that’s been simmering in the city in the weeks leading up to the anniversary.  She watched two 60 yr olds come to blows in a meeting last night over an idea, a suggestion.  The night before the first anniversary of September 11, I burst into tears in front of my boss, over something seemingly entirely unrelated, but in hindsight seems to have been a much needed release from the sadness and overwhelming significance of the coming day. 

So in personal and professional ways, today should be a highly charged event.  I hope the energy and emotion that is so prevalent here exists around the country, and among my readers, as you see the coverage and it triggers your own thoughts about New Orleans, disasters, race, cities.  Thanks for joining us down here. 




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