Jake emails me:

“In today’s NY times there was an article about where the mid point is between Yankee and Red Sox fans in CT….


‘The midpoint between Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium is approximately Rocky Hill, Conn., a few miles south of Hartford and east of New Britain. Some adventurers have dared to guess where allegiances are perfectly balanced, usually pointing to a place near Route 91, anywhere from north of Hartford to New Haven in the south.'”

My mom and stepdad own a condo in Glastonbury, next to Rocky Hill, where Jake’s parents live….I wouldn’t call my mom and stepdad Sox diehards. My stepdad pays attention when it gets exciting, as we all do, but generally spends any emotional sports energy on sailing and UConn b-ball. My mother would prefer to root for the Yankees, not so secretly, ever since my father spent way too many nights for her liking in the pressbox during the 1975 season (read: The 1975 World Series). While my mother was home with an infant who didn’t take kindly to sleeping (still doesn’t!), my father was living out every Sox fan’s dream of some extracurricular press job for pennies but that got him into all the games. Can you blame him? My mom can, and still does.


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