Trenches Friends

Jake writes: “… was this guy Lester specially built by God for Red Sox fans…

After reading this article, I officially started my nail biting… I’m glad I missed the last game. I need the next 2 months to speed up… God don’t drag it out for me!”

Numbers Game in Their Favor (Boston Globe, 8/14/06)

Jake is a Trenches Friend – I think most often of Lower Manhattan, but it’s really a concept that extends far beyond any work we did post-9/11. He’s a mountaineer, a rugby player, and knows how to get down in there with you and get you through some excruciating experiences. You want him in your corner, esp. since he’s also way too willing to pick up the tab when the solution (as it often is) is one too many martinis!

It was with Jake and our other bud from Boston Catherine, that I endured IN New York the Sox-Yankees 2003 ALCS. While I was supposed to be studying for my GREs (and I seriously considered attaching a note in my MIT app about my poor performance on them being related to watching the Sox rather than prepping), I was instead at No Idea in Flatiron with Jake and Catherine, shifting over several days from celebratory (if still wary) heckling of the other patrons to sitting in stunned silence while the air – and sound – of victory wafted across the bar from the stunned and silent sitting Sox fans in one corner of the room to the screaming on-their-feet Yankees fans now crowding around the big screen in No Idea’s big back room. I couldn’t function the next day…I literally felt like someone died, and if it weren’t for the supportive emails circulating b/w Jake, Catherine and me (not to mention the therapeutic musings of the Sports Guy: http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/page2/simmons/index), I probably would’ve called it a day and headed home and back to bed. That night we had a Lower Manhattan team dinner, and it’s got to be in my top 50 most plastered nights. And through it all, Jake was there.

I’m still waiting for Jake to honor his commitment to moving back to Boston once the Big Dig is complete (ok, he’s never coming home). Until then, I take comfort in our late summer/early fall email exchange, especially we enter a brutal 5-game weekend series.

Go Sox!


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