Ugly American

Hot planner chick is mortified. 


Back in my hotel room, emailing with the M.A.S. and waiting for pay-per-view United 93 to begin.  It starts, and I’m half paying attention but notice that the voiceover is definitely NOT english.  Call front desk in this Francophone city, complain, “this movie is in French.”  Have to turn off tv for 10 minutes for them to cancel it, then turn back on and call down again to try to figure out how to get movie in English.  They offer to send someone up to help me.


Young, olive-skinned man arrives (see my post Montreal Part I).  He orders movie, and when he hears voiceover, says “This is Arabic.”  Ah………….I say to him, “do you speak Arabic?”  Of course he does.  I’m a jack ass. He then waits with me to confirm the movie is in English, and we awkwardly watch together the early scenes of the terrorists praying in their hotel room, then driving to the airport.  Me, who can’t even distinguish foreign languages from one another, and the Canadian Arab Marriott employee, reliving 9/11 together.






1 Response to “Ugly American”

  1. August 15, 2006 at 1:35 pm

    Your blog has an intriguing perspective. I’m a journalist looking for NOLA folks who don’t wakj the official party line. Can you email me via the link provided when I posted this comment?


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