Living la vida Lohan

I think to borrow a title from the September Elle.


That’s me.  In bed in a Montreal hotel room at noon, watching a documentary of the Doors on Canadian Mtv, when I have been due at a conference since 830 am.  You have not heard from me since Wed, when my latest version of hot planner chick exhaustion overtook me, and I have been sleeping, sniffling, whining and watching movies ever since.  (Oh, and traveling, on Th, Aug 10, the day of the foiled London bombings.  The normal 5hr NOLA-Boston trip took 10.  That certainly didn’t help me bounce back.)


Of course, there are some differences b/w Lindsay and me.  Though we both have the red hair, the sass, and the desire to be a “sex kitten” and “pinup” like Marilyn Monroe (ok, I’m quoting Lindsay here, but the sentiments the same), we definitely split when it comes to nightlife, cat fighting, and the bimbo mom accessory. 


Alright, fine…I’m no slouch when it comes to the partying, and academia’s got its own much less interesting version of gossipy infighting…so I guess what I really lack is the publicity staff to manage my affairs. 


If I could just get Wesley up here to make a quick PR announcement at the conference about my whereabouts, and perhaps fetch me some tea and toast, the Lindsay Lohan of the academic set, this hot planner chick, could snuggle back down under these 2 comforters on her bed and call it a day.



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