It’s Almost Miss K’s Birthday


by, Andrei Codrescu

(Romanian-born author, poet and commentator from New Orleans)

A different take on the current state of NOLA, in the Gambit Weekly (NOLA version of the Village Voice, Boston Pheonix, etc.).  Will make you chuckle, but perhaps want to weep too.  I’m not sure if I should be insulted, as one of so many outsiders roaming around down here foolishly – it seems – trying to make a difference.  He concludes:

“Another silver lining in the gathering human disaster that is New Orleans pre-K2, is that the vice-riddled of the nation may safely gather here now and indulge. Anyone who might have considered, pre-K, giving up drugs, drink, smoke, sex or whatever, should head this way immediately. We are overflowing with the excess bounty of the nation’s quickly disappearing skid rows. We no longer need to fear, as an editorialist once did, that Katrina destroyed America’s “only party city.” The party’s still on and it’s about 3 a.m. all the time.”

Thanks to the M.A.S. for passing this on!


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