Disaster Tour – Saturday, July 8, 2006

Some of you may have seen my photos from back in January, and there are other NOLA shots at www.mogaphoto.com, from January and March.  Attached here are just a few camera-phone shots from a disaster tour given yesterday, over 10 months after the storm.  I took two friends from MIT around from noon to 7, with long stops at the Backstreet Cultural Museum in Treme, and the House of Dance & Feathers in the Lower 9th.  Finished our long day with whiskeys and tapas at Mimis in the Marigny.  All of the pics below are from the Lower 9th Ward, except for the “St. Bernard to Baghdad” photo, which is from the St. Bernard housing project in Gentilly.  The largest project in the city, slated for demolition by HUD, even though its storm damage is relatively modest.  

My buddy James took a bunch of photos while we were out.  Will make those available as soon as he gets them up on the web. 

From St. Bernard to Baghdad, GentillyBattle Ground Baptist Church, Lower 9th WardBattle Ground, up closeBaghdad in the Lower 9th WardArchitectural Theft in the Lower 9th Ward

For other images, check out the NEW PAGE on this site: NOLA by Camera Phone.  I’ll be adding random images there as I go about life down here.  My crude attempt at a photo essay (though I’m still not sure what that is…a little help from the M.A.S., please?)



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