Dance Costumes

I helped my mom move the last of our stuff out of my childhood home today. It was fun, and totally nostalgic; I can’t believe the house is no longer ours.

I took some pics w/my camera phone, and gave nycweboy a walking tour thru it, joking how he will purchase it one day when I am famous.

I took all my childhood dance recital costumes, much to the amusement of my relatives, and told them I was going to distribute them around ym department for Halloween. I danced from 8-15: ballet, tap, jazz,the standard fare offered at a suburban dance studio. Love to dance. One of my favorite things.

Nycweboy and I had a small party rummaging thru the costumes in the basement. Mine and my friends’ names were spray-painted on the basement walls, and we found a tablecloth from my sweet 16 that everyone had signed. Kept that too.


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