Butter & Cheese

I am wrapping up my first day in Krakow – like it so much more than Budapest so far. Friendlier, cheaper, cleaner, just feels generally more accessible, pleasant, intriguing. I don’t know what it was about Budapest. I had a nice day there yesterday, but generally I just wasn’t into it. The people were so not nice, and it just felt like a large, superficially ugly, overly costly city. I liked the Buda side a lot more, greener, calmer, etc., and I’m looking forward to some flea markets and thermal baths on sunday before I go, but generally I won’t rave about it.I am going to go to Auschwitz and Birkenau tomorrow, and trying to decide what to do w/my thurs. Though the salt mines are apparently not to be missed, I am kind of intrigued w/making this a religious tour, and seeing the Pope’s birthplace, and the Black Madonna. We’ll see if I can accomplish it all. They have a really cute Old Town center w/some bars, etc., where I’ll head in tonight to hopefully meet some others. Getting a bit tired of being so quiet!!

Had a really funny thing happen yesterday, found this adorable cafe in this old section of Budapest and ordered a cheese plate. 3 types of yummy cheeses (a blue, swiss, and one I couldn’t id), and 3 equal size pats of butter. Which given their yellow tone and the way they’d been sliced, I assumed were cheese, until I bit into one. Literally a mouthful of butter. Disgusting!!! I kept laughing at myself for the rest of the afternoon.


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