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Yeaaaaaaa Sox!!!

From an email to my cousin Jane, a sophomore at BC at the time:

“Janie – take comfort in the fact that I am 10 years older than you and in class wearing the same clothes as yesterday. Trussed up a bit by my pink Sox cap, glasses, and makeup to distract people from the fact that I have the EXACT SAME THING on. Classy.

I watched the game w/a bunch of people from school, then walked around Cambridge for hours w/my friend Adam and some of his peeps. Got to bed around 3 – crashing at Adam’s – back up at 830 to soak in as much coverage as possible. Am exhausted and have had the healthy diet today of 2 cups coffee, a brownie, chocolate croissant, and oh, a small salad. I’m not sure I’m fit to drive home from campus.”

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