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Southie Makes the New Yorker

I don’t want to live there.  It’s definitely gentrified, though it’s harder to tell than other places, since everyone is still predominantly white, but I just don’t care for it.  A) Too many Irish, B) not a huge fan of being part of the gentrification train (I prefer the long-established exclusive neighborhood a la the Upper East Side – 😉 ), C) I find it still too poor and insular.  Though it has fantastic waterfront.  It’s got pockets of racial diversity via its projects – but these places are a mess.  Not that I’ve wandered thru the housing projects of other cities, but these are the low-rise ones and they and the surroundings are so dirty and run down.  I was taken aback, actually.  Lots of my high school friends live in Southie, and several of my cousins.  A few of them own there.   I do enjoy the St. Patrick’s Day parade there though.

Here, volunteering at the Dem Convention, the anti-abortionists are the most visible, and there was a sadly pathetic anarchists parade down Boylston today.  I am sitting here in my polo shirt w/Mayor Menino’s name on the left pocket, a lanyard around my neck containing ID badge and keys to official car, and a Nextel phone on my belt.  I drive around the city a lot, often at wheel of 15 passenger vans.  I love feigning the patronage thing.  Though the core of these volunteers are genuine City of Boston products, and there’s definitely a wall between them and the rest of us hangers-on.  It’s fascinating, as I know of these neighborhoods primarily via the lore of my ‘rents.  Feel like I am hanging out w/future State Reps/Sens/Govs and they’re drivers who bury bodies in the night.  Ok, I am being dramatic.