Tanzania, in 500 words or less…

Tanzania is good.  Definitely an experience.  A learning curve in everything.  Mostly there is a small ex-pat community to socialize w/.  Whites – primarily British and German w/very few Americans – and then the rare East Asian, Hispanic, or foreign-born South Asian.  The African population here is ethnic African and ethnic Indian.  Tanzanians are either Christian or Muslim.  Missing my Chinese, Korean and Jewish peeps!! ;)  We live on the ocean and that’s pretty phat – lots of beach and sailing.  I’m a bronzed goddess, obviously.  :)  It’s ridiculously hot and humid here.  Locals and ex-pats are fairly segregated, with rare exception.  That’s kind of weird, and it makes the ex-pat community feel even smaller and more incestuous.  Essentially everyone is hooking up w.everyone else. 
Labor is SUPER cheap here – <$5 for a manicure/pedicure done in your home.  Beverages and food are also really really cheap.  We have a car but it breaks down a ton, and our apt is nice.  We have a roofdeck.  We share it w/a German woman named Natalie who is 24 and cute and cheerful.  Food is ok, stomach having a tough time adjusting.  We have no tv or internet in our apt, and I am stuck w/Kristina’s country-leaning cds.  We have started playing scrabble.  We drink a lot.  I take yoga.  I take swahili lessons.  Don’t love too much downtime w/o the comforts of home.  Streets are not all paved, and it can be very bumpy getting around.  There are no streetlights and few road rules enforced.  It feels really free here, if life-threatening, esp. at night.  Everyone drives drunk.  I m working a bit and the day is from 8-430.  Hate getting up so early, but awesome being home at 5pm. 
I miss you and friends and family and home, but also feel I could get into it here.  3 months is a weird period to be here, cuz as you get acclimated it is suddenly time to leave.

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