Swahili for the Classroom

(Context, posted 4/13/06: I sent this to my aunt, who runs a kindergarten in MA.  I think it’s useful for anyone reading my old posts from TZ.)


All syllables are pronounced in Swahili, and the emphasis is always on the 2nd to last syllable.  Vowel sounds are: Ah (A), Ay (E), Ee (I), Oh (O), Oo (U). 

A teacher is a mwalimu (Mwah – LEE – moo).  To learn = sijifunza (see-jee-FOON-za).  To teach = fundisha (foon-DEE-shah).  A school is shule (Shoo-lay).  Children are watoto (wah-toe-toe).  1 child is mtoto (m-toe-toe).

Here is 1 – 10:

1          moja            (mo-jah)

2          mbili            (m-beel-ee)

3          tatu            (tah-too)

4          nne            (n-nay)

5          tano            (tah-no)

6          sita            (see-tah)

7          saba            (sah-bah)

8          nane            (nah-nay)

9          tisa            (tee-sah)

10        kumi            (koo-mee)



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